Lee And Macgillivray Architecture Studio

LAMAS is an award winning architecture studio registered in the US and Canada. We have worked in a range of scales, from ground-up residential houses to manufacturing and commercial spaces. We are practitioners and academics, equally invested in pragmatics and discursive research. Together with our energetic staff, we explore ornament, color, optical illusions, and craft traditions with advanced technology.

LAMAS was a 2014 finalist for MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program. We were named “Next Progressives” by Architect Magazine in 2017. Our work has won the 2017 Architizer+ Award, 2011 R+D Award and has been cited by Dwell Magazine, I.D. Magazine, and ACSA Faculty Design Awards. Our practice is backed by 16 years of combined experience as project managers for SHoP Architects and Gluck+. We have designed and led those teams to earn P/A Awards and the 2013 National AIA Housing Award.

LAMAS was founded by Vivian Lee and James Macgillivray.

Featured Press

Domus Magazine


2020 Frame Awards,

AVLING WINS BEST BAR OF THE YEAR, FRAME AWARDS 2020 "In my heart I feel like Avling is more important for now. It’s a forward-looking idea of how things in the future will be used." - Caroline Cundall, director of interior design for Europe at InterContinental Hotels Group "The informality was a very conscious aesthetic applied to the notion and intent of the place. And that is very difficult to achieve." - Space Copenhagen co-founder Peter Bundgaard Rützou


"The designers managed to turn the seemingly inhospitable space into a haven of hospitality: it now hosts a restaurant, rooftop garden and enough basement storage for multiple 4.8-m-tall, 4,000-litre fermentation tanks."

CNN Business

Vivian and James are interviewed on CNN Business for Townships Farmhouse!

International AR House Awards 2018

Townships Farmhouse listed as one of sixteen best international houses by *The Architecture Review*


"With a strong mix of academic theory and practical expertise, the firm created a bright, beautiful and functional living space in a historic Annex house."


"An Artist and Farmer Work With a Toronto-Based Studio to Build a Barn-Inspired Home."

Architect Magazine

"This Toronto-based duo has an eye for optical illusions, hydrographics, and geometric forms."


"The architects of this large home in rural Canada blended spatial principles of an age-old typology—the traditional barn—with contemporary materials and beautifully considered construction details."

Architect R+D Award 2011

Juror William Massie praised the overall analysis as “extending thoughts of materials and the history and science of building.” “What I really liked about this was this notion of digital fabrication and handcraft coming together,...it is an interesting integration of old methods and new ways of thinking that could, in fact, overlap to other aspects of craft and building.” - Sylvia Smith

James Macgillivray

Principal and Founder

James Macgillivray is a principal and founder of LAMAS. He has published widely on film, architecture and projection. He is from Toronto and received his Masters in Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and his B.A. in architecture from Princeton University. Prior to founding LAMAS he worked as a designer at Steven Holl Architects and as a project manager at Peter Gluck and Partners Architects. Alongside his work at LAMAS, James is also Lecturer at the University of Toronto.

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Vivian Lee

Principal and Founder

W.H. Vivian Lee is principal and founder of LAMAS. Her work focuses on the role of craft in architecture as related to labor, professional practice, vernacular traditions, and ornament. She has extensive experience in the design and construction of public space including the East River Waterfront in Lower Manhattan. In addition to her role at LAMAS, Vivian is also Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Toronto and previously at University of Michigan. Prior to founding LAMAS, Vivian practiced as a project manager at SHoP Architects and LTL Architects in New York City. Lee received her masters of architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. She holds a B.A. in studio arts from Wesleyan University.

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LAMAS Past and Present

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